Boiler/ Central heating not working

If you are on a prepay meter, make sure there are enough funds on meter

Check that the boiler is switched on

Check that the fuse spur is switched on

In colder months condensing pipes tend to freeze up causing the boiler to shut down

Check that the pilot light is on. If not reset button or limit to restart the boiler

Pressure gauge should read between 1 & 1.5 bar

If your boiler pressure is below 1 bar you can top it up using the steps below to get the system working again;

  1. Try entering the make and model of your boiler into Google for boiler specific instructions and videos
  2. Locate the top up valve (this will wither be a lever that is turned parallel to pope to open or a tap that is turned anti-clockwise to open)
  3. Open the valve until the pressure reaches 1.5 bar
  4. Close the valve
  5. Only top up the pressure once. Contact us if the pressure drops again

If your boiler shows an error code, please take note of this and give this code when calling to report issue

Last Update: April 24, 2020  

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