Blocked drains

If your drains are blocked please check this isn’t due to residue build-up. A blocked sink, toilet or drain will often emit foul or unpleasant smells and water may drain slower than usual.

Blockages in your drains can occur when fat, oil and grease mix in the pipes as well as objects like wipes and sanitary products.

Are blocked drains my landlord’s responsibility?

Blocked drains are not necessarily a landlord’s responsibility to fix. A tenant is responsible for repairing clogged or broken drains inside the boundaries of the property.

If you suspect there is a blockage in your drains, you should inform your landlord straight away. It is a tenant’s responsibility to inform the landlord about any blockages, damage or leaks that could cause a flood or any further damage. This ensures damage can be quickly and efficiently fixed and prevented.

For blockages outside of your property, such as those in the road, pavements or sometimes in-between two properties, it is usually your utility company who is held responsible for fixing it (Wessex or Bournemouth Water)

If none of the above fixes the issue

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