Annual gas safety checks

Gas appliance servicing is an important safety aspect of occupation of a property.

For a very small inconvenience in providing access, we can help secure the safety of you and your family.

Each year our contractors check the gas appliances in all of the properties we manage. They undertake repair and maintenance works if required to ensure the safe operation of the appliances.

How you can help

The Whitelock Group takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the gas safety checks take place. To do these checks we need access to your home. They do not take long.

You can help us by making sure that:-

  • You report any faults with the appliances we have provided.
  • Responding to our contractors when they call to arrange an appointment to do. the gas safety check or when you receive a letter from us about this.
  • Being at home at the time arranged for the appointment.

Under your Tenancy Agreement, Landlords have the right to gain access to your home to undertake these works. If you consistently refuse to co-operate with us or refuse access, we will escalate the request for access as follows:-

  • The contractor will contact you to arrange the inspection at least 24 hours days beforehand.
  • If this is unsuccessful we will write to you again.
  • We will ask you to call the Contractor or our office to set the appointment within 7 days.
  • We will also outline the legal course of action that we may take.
  • If this is unsuccessful we may have to resort to legal options that are available to us.

Last Update: April 24, 2020  

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